Why Computer Support Portland

We're passionate about IT!

Computer Support Portland has been in business for over 25 years helping small and medium-sized businesses get the most from their technology investments. You see, we believe that technology, when properly deployed and supported should enable you to reach your goals. Whether these goals include increasing revenues, reducing expenses, or just keeping those darn computers working - we can help you get there.

We also believe our technology experts are the best in the business. Our management team consists of senior IT executives and a President with years of Fortune 500 experience. We have all the certifications that you might be looking for, but what is even more important is that we know how to talk to you in plain English, not jargon!

Our approach to IT support is also a bit different to what you might be used to. A properly supported network should be largely problem-free. That's where we come in. Many IT support providers will wait until you call with a crisis, then begin billing you while they attempt to determine what the problem is. We, on the other hand, take proactive steps to prevent issues from developing into more serious problems. We perform preventative maintenance to avoid downtime, and back up our promises with fixed fee support plans.

So, whether your needs are simple (“I just want IT to work as it should”) or more complex (“I have multiple remote facilities and need a company to take part of all of IT support”), we can help.  We have experience with businesses from many industries and professions and are a good fit with organizations that have between 10 - 300 employees.

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