img-security From viruses and worms to trojans and ransomware, today’s security threats are increasing both in number and severity. Leaving your network inadequately protected is an open invitation for compliance violations, data loss and significant business disruption. Small and medium sized businesses are now more vulnerable than ever, particularly with the many variants of CryptoWall / CryptoLocker (ransomware). Unfortunately, the hacker / malware community has become increasingly sophisticated making it important for businesses of all sizes to understand where their company's’ security vulnerabilities exist.

Computer Support Portland security services include:

  • Multiple levels of security assessments depending on your needs and industry requirements
  • Technology implementation plans designed to address any security vulnerability identified
  • Ongoing security monitoring to stay current with ever-changing threats
  • Secure communication and data access strategies
  • Robust backup solutions providing business continuity and disaster recovery
Talk to Computer Support Portland today about how we can help you understand the risks you may be facing and how to eliminate them.

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