Managed Backup

Managed backup service provides data backup, business continuity and disaster recovery providing you with peace-of-mind

As IT specialists for SMB's with more than 23 years of experience, we have completed a lot of network assessments which includes checking the backups.  One of the things we routinely find are backup systems that are no longer working as they were originally intended. Whether you are using an internal person to keep your IT systems going or use a third party, if your backups are not verified on a daily basis, you simply don't know if you are protected in the event of a simple system failure or larger disaster. It is absolutely common for us to discover that backups have not completed successfully for weeks or months even though a backup system was set up correctly to begin with. There are many reasons why backups fail - the only way to guarantee that you will be protected when you need it the most is to check them daily.

Sentry FailSafe Managed Backup Includes:

  • Backups of all critical systems as frequently as every 15 minutes.
  • Business Continuity - this guarantees that you will be able to continue to operate even when a server has crashed.
  • Disaster Recovery - the backups are also stored in a secure data center located outside the Pacific NW.
  • Backup Verification - each and every backup is monitored to ensure it completes successfully.  In addition to the automated backup verification, we also manually check the backups daily.

Create a plan of action to safeguard against the unknown with a backup solution that ensure your data is protected and will be available when you need it the most.

If your backups are not being monitored and verified daily, you simply do not know if you will have a good backup to recover from when disaster strikes. If you have one or more servers and at least 10 computers, we offer a complimentary backup assessment to help you understand whether your backups are working properly and if they will allow you to get back up and running in a time-frame that is acceptable to you.

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